Friday, May 16, 2014

We Think It Was a Bear.

Ken mentioned a couple days ago he had seen a bear print on the road to the field.  Today while he was getting things in order for the chickens and geese after we had moved them, I went out to the field to open up the tunnel.  On the way I was noticing the many deer tracks, and then I saw this!

Both Ken and I think it is a bear print.  This is something to watch.  Bears often destroy bee hives.  Most people think bears want the honey, but  the bears are after the brood - that is the young bees in the embryo or larva stage. Bears often turn over stumps and rocks looking for grubs.  Imagine what a treat to find a big box full of food - whether it is a bird feeder full of seed or a bee hive with brood!  Our hives are inside a fence in the yard with many tin cans attached so any disturbance will alert the dog who will alert us.   

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