Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Opening - May 1 & 2

Spring opening Saturday 10 - 5 and Sunday 12 - 5 at Keppers!

The pots are all washed and priced. There are still a few left.

We will also have spring roots and greens - bring your cooler!

The triliums and other flowers and some fruit trees are in bloom. The woods are greening up. It is a perfect time of year for a walk in the woods. Bring a hat and wear long pants - the ticks are out.

Hope you can make it out!
Ken and Judith

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hoop in Progress

Well, the stakes arrived about ten days ago, and Ken was right out in the field putting them in. The rest of the package was delayed from Friday April 9th to Monday April 12th. A friend also named Ken made the trip with his pickup and trailer. By Monday evening Ken and I had unloaded and gotten one end of the hoops into the stakes. Ken went out the next day and with the help of a chain cincher got the stake angles so he could put the other end of each hoop into the stakes.

The next step is getting the purlins in place. Purlins are the long structural supports. And then Ken started sorting wood for the base and where the crank connects to all the hoops. Then we got the formula and ingredients for the organic alternative to treated lumber - pain thinner, linseed oil, and paraffin. Next we talked about applying the mixture to the boards. I suggested we get a gutter so we could dip edges and minimize the amount of brushwork. Ken came up with an improved version - larger trough and more structural support. Other than the galvanized, all the materials were handy - former scavenger scores.

Once we dip and Ken gets the wood together, we will be having a "Raise the Plastic" event. Work first and food to follow. Let us know if you want to participate. Stay tuned for more photos of the progress.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Greens Recipes - Claytonia and Spinach

It is Spring and the greens are here! Because greens lose their nutritional value so quickly, we focus on same day harvest so you get them at their peak!

Claytonia or miners' lettuce is a small, succulent green that thrives in cool weather. People call it "that plant that looks like lily pads." The succulent leaves add a great texturre and look to salads. Claytonia is mild and can be added to any salad. It can also be added to braising mixes and quick cooked in stir fry , or ued as an elegant edible garnish on soups.

Spinach is a versatile green familiar to most people. Many people eat spinach raw in salad. Great compliments to spinach salads include feta or other softer cheeses and hard cooked eggs.
When spinach is added to a recipe it is called Florentine - tomato soup Florentine for example. Spinach is a great last minute addition to tomato, lentil or clear broth soups. Eggs and spinach is a natural pairing - quiche and other baked egg dishes, and omelets.

Spinach is easy to blanch and freeze for future use. Drop in boiling water. Once the color changes to bright green, remove and plunge into cold water. Chill, drain, squeeze and freeze.

Spring Greens Recipes - Sorrel and Arugula

As the season continues, more greens become available. Arugula is an Italian green with a nutty, peppery flavor - great as an accent in tossed green and pasta salads. Arugula is also served with toasted walnuts and soft goat or sheep or blue cheese and a fruity vinaigrette.


Sorrel is a French perennial herb that flourishes in cool weather in spring and fall. Its lemony flavor is a also a great tossed green salad accent. Sorrel often appears in cream soups - especially potato and leek Vichysoisse. I like to rinse, chop and cook sorrel in a little butter and add to steamed vegetables or fish for a buttery lemon flavor. The beautiful bright green color looks beautiful on fish.