Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring Root Recipes - Burdock and Sun Chokes

When we were in Japan we were introduced to gobo - burdock root.  Japanese people love burdock and told us of its many health benefits: its deep root has lots of minerals and vitamins, it is a great to cleanse in spring for the blood and liver..  The Japanese cooks add gobo to many dishes.  Our favorite was kinpira.  Cut the burdock and some carrot into match stick shapes.  Heat a skillet.  Toast some sesame seeds and set aside.  Add hot pepper flakes and an oil or fat that can take heat.  Add the burdock first as it takes longer to cook.  Once it gets slightly cooked add the carrot

Once both are like al dente pasta, add a teaspoon of sugar and heat to caramelize, but don't burn!  Have some sweet wine to splash into the pan - if yo like it sweeter do a second splash rather than pour in a puddle!

Then add some good tamari or soy sauce.  

Serve with the toasted sesame seeds

Sun chokes are great several ways - raw in salads, made into chips, pickled with garlic and hot peppers and turmeric, and Keppers style!  This recipe was listed in the Madison Area CSA Collective!

Scrub and slice sun chokes.  Heat a skillet and add oil or fat that takes heat.  Add the sliced sun chokes and once they cook a bit add some minced garlic and then add some tamari or good quality soy sauce.  

Serve with chopped chives or green onion tops.

So, here was the local food mid day meal - our chicken, potatoes, burdock, storage carrots, and sun chokes.  Tamari, sugar, salt and pepper purchased.

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