Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Pigs Have Arrived!

Three little pigs arrived this week. Pigs are part of our farm plan.  Pigs are four legged rototillers - they live to dig.  And so each season Ken comes up with a "pig project" like renovating fields, expanding the garden, or clearing a fence line.  Within minutes they were digging.

We picked up the pigs, and once we had fencing completed, an insulated little hutch, food and water troughs in place, Ken pulled two chairs by the fence and I got a supper together.  We had a picnic and watched the pigs discover sod, outdoors, sunshine. 

Oscar took on the job of nanny and the pigs kept checking him out, then returning to their food.

While here for the next six months they will get sprouts, vegetables, and fresh space to dig - a pig's life.  Six families will get a half pork.  

And we are glad to welcome the pigs as part of the team!

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  1. Love those 3 little pigs!! and of course Oscar too!!