Sunday, May 18, 2014

Moving Chickens and Geese to Summer Pasture

Today was moving day, moving the poultry and waterfowl that is!  As with many things this season, it was later than usual.  Ken needed dry roads and wanted well established rye and other grasses before he moved the birds.

First he moved the egg mobile with all the chickens inside.  He moves in creep gear on the tractor so the ride is not too bumpy.

Ken rounds the bend to the field where the mobile high tunnel is and rye is planted.

Yes, that is Oscar under the coop.  What is he doing?
Oscar is trying to herd the enclosed birds

Then we get the poultry netting up.  This is to keep out predators.

Then Ken opens the ramp door and big doors 

He sets up rain barrel and feeders

Chickens on pasture - hens scratching for bugs and rooster watching out for hens.

Then Ken worked on the fencing for the geese.  I came down and helped him some

All these birds are so happy; one can really tell as one watches

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