Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter of Wood

Usually we are well ahead on wood.  Most years we cut one fall and burn the next.  Last year was an unusually cold winter and we used what would normally be two years worth of wood.  Ken and a friend cut and stacked some last spring for this year.  In fall Ken started cutting dead wood and clearing space around garden and field by mobile tunnel.

But once he got into the yard we ran into problems with the splitter.  First mice damage, then more problems, and finally we decided to replace the engine.  We had gotten about twenty years out of a "throw away" from the late fifties or early sixties - no complaints here!  

Now it works and yesterday we started with some wood for the pottery kiln

With today's nice weather I emptied one section of the cook stove wood and stacked it inside.  

Then we started splitting and stacking and emptied a trailer.  There are now one and a half more ricks cut and stacked for next winter.  Ken has more to split and some to buzz.  The next nice day we will keep at it.  The we will cut larger wood for wood stove downstairs.

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