Thursday, March 19, 2015

Weaving Progress

When asked what I would like to do on my birthday, I replied, "Weave some."  And I got to do just that. 
After the souffle and buzzing and stacking wood, I moved over to the loom.  

I am working with some denim and over dyed denim in a combination of larger blocks of blue denim 
.  Here is the start with white t shirt to even out the warp and the end that will be hemmed
with the over dyed denim in smaller blocks

I have six different over dyed denim colors and will have six blocks - one of each color - in this rug.  Here is where I left off this afternoon

Here is the cloth beam with the rug so far

And as of today, Wednesday I finished the rug. Here is the under side of the loom with a couple stripes of over dyed denim

The white is the spacer between this one and the next rug. And now the question is what combination next?

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