Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Roots - Parsnips

Each spring as the ground thaws there are roots to be dug.  The first is the humble parsnip.  Parsnips are related to carrots and dill.  They are sweeter than carrots, and become even sweeter when over wintered in the soil and dug in the spring.

Many people love parsnips and look forward to freshly dug food in early spring.  There are many parsnip recipes.  The traditional one is to scrub, slice, parboil or steam to the al dente stage, drain,  and then sautee in butter in a heavy cast iron skillet until the slices start to caramelize and brown.  

Ken uses cooked parsnips to make pie.  He follows a  a squash or pumpkin pie recipe, but uses less sweetener.

I like a cream curry parsnip soup.  Saute onion , add stock, add sliced parsnips and peeled chopped potatoes if desired, salt, peppers, and a bit of curry.  Cook until parsnips arr soft and then puree.  Add milk or cream and a green garnish.

Parsnips are best in spring.  Enjoy this seasonal delight!

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