Monday, March 23, 2015

A Close Call for the Dog - All's Well that Ends Well!

Why you may ask is our outside dog flopped out on towels by the wood stove?

Ken and I left for an appointment today and some errands and lunch with two of his aunts as we were in their neck of the woods.  When we returned there was no sign of the our dog he is usually bounding up to the car to greet us.  I was worried (I am the worrier in this couple).  Ken figured Oscar the dog was just on his afternoon rounds.  Ken went to do afternoon chores and I was sorting mail, unpacking stuff, changing into work clothes when Ken shouts in, "Come quick! Oscar is fell through the ice in the pond!"  I grabbed a coat and headed down to the pond by the mobile and Ken was hauling a heavy plank to bash the ice.  Later Ken told me that he had heard Oscar whimpering and so Ken was dashing about trying to find the dog somewhere on 40 acres!

Ken got the ice broken with the plank and pushed it out toward the dog, but the poor dog was too weak to climb on it.  I stripped down (we are all glad THIS is not on a video, believe me) and told Ken I was going in and to hold the plank(I was a life guard and am the better swimmer).  I got two steps out on ice, broke through, grabbed the plank and then the dog,  eased him into Ken's reach and started inching back.  

Ken got hold of Oscar who was wet, and quite heavy. Ken lifted him out of the water and he wrapped his jacket around the dog and headed up to get the garden cart - he couldn't carry Oscar up after his adrenaline was starting to wane - three sprints up and down the hill, hauling and and bashing planks through the ice, and picking up this dead weight of a dripping wet, thick furred dog. I got my clothes up and Ken's gloves and hugged the shivering dog.  Ken returned with cart, we got him in and up to the house.  Ken lit the wood stove, I called the vet and the vet tech agreed that warm water and then time by the stove was a good plan.

Then I grabbed and got on a robe and we poured buckets of warm water over Oscar, got him out and he sat by the stove wanting to be petted.  He ate his dinner, took a nap and then headed for the back door.  He is back on duty on two cushions on the front step with a blanket over him.   I have some cuts and bruises from going through the ice and am fine.  We are all tired and fortunate!

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