Sunday, March 15, 2015

Days End: Moving Chickens. Pullets Get a Larger Space

My birthday ended with moving chickens.  After listening to Garrison Keillor and his Prairie Home Companion, it was dusk and we could easily move the pullets.  

They had outgrown the brooder coop and needed more space.

Although Ken had replace coop roofs last fall the weather got cold before he could complete the work on the north coop.  

He finished up what was necessary to do before moving in birds  like the roosts and we were good to go!

Of course he had help from Oscar...

He added nest boxes.  Later he will make storage space for things like oyster shells and grit under the nest boxes.

he next morning I took some happy pullet photos in their new home.

In a couple days this will be "home" in their minds

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