Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The New Recruit

This morning I had quite a scare.  when I went out to the tubs to get ready for harvest day, no kitten!  Big Red as Ken is calling him, usually comes bounding at either of us when we are near his vicinity.  

This is quite a vocal kitten who lets you know if your behavior is not what is desired!

But later I heard a clear mew and looked down to see the little one.  What a relief.  In a short time both Ken and I have grown attached to the kitten.  

And this farm needs a cat.  This spring we discovered major damage in areas where Ken had planted greens for this spring - Voles, the bane of all farmers who have plants in greenhouses.

The kitten and Oscar have begun to play with each other.  Oscar is still the nanny and is shirking his field duties to watch over the kitten.  Ken and I witnessed Oscar snapping at the 18 year old cat when she hissed at the new kitten on the block!

Although Big Red has a home base, the range is expanding and includes the sprouter and outdoor bath.  So far so good.  The kitten seems to be growing longer and more agile each day.

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