Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Rug , New tie up system

Last spring I left a rug on the loom.  With sectional warp, one book said leave a rug on the loom, wind that on and the weaver saves time tying up and saves warp lost in tie up.  that sounded wise, but when I did it this time my warp tension went cattywampus.  This is not good.  Rather than wrestle with uneven tension, I started getting out weaving books.  And I looked at pictures in the books.

This old dog learned a new trick!  Previously my two old second hand looms each had an old fabric apron and the warp attached to the same bar.  Why did I get uneven tension and rip even the new apron I had sewn to replace an old one?  Flash.  The photos had one bar going through the apron and another bar with the warp lashed onto it.  Then the two bars were lashed together.  I asked Ken where I could get bars like the one I had on each loom, and he found me a bar and cut it in three (two for each loom).  Then he set me up with his electric grinder and brush so I could smooth the ends and buff off the rust.

Today after I finished the rug I had taken off the loom, I attached the first bar to the apron and then lashed the warp to the second bar.  Tomorrow I will adjust any uneven warp and then lash the two bars.  I am anxious to see how the tension is on the next rug!

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