Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ken in the Garden and photos of the field

Ken is always busy in the summer!  He has been trading off location, and in heat he may work a split shift as he comes in during the heat of the day , and then goes out once it starts to cool and stays out until dark.

He clears space for new plantings

He trains cucumbers and summer squash to grow up the fence

picks cucumbers and zucchini

Then there is the mobile high tunnel location - tomatoes to tie up

Out in the field the asparagus is heading out - it is making and storing energy for next season
Many people are amazed when Ken tells them he is still planting - but he is.

For late season crops and root cellaring vegetables for winter, planting continues.  He has been preparing seed beds like the one on the left.

and transplanting; here are some seedlings in the brassica or cabbage family

And there are parsnips, beets and carrots to thin 

Lots to do, and the days are starting to get shorter.  the push is on!

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