Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pig Progress Report

People have been asking for photos of the pigs. Probably after the cute kitten photos, the pig photos are the most popular.  well, the pigs are ready for new space - they have been digging.  The rain this year made it pretty easy.

There are three pigs this year, and they are all characters.  

The red pig was the smallest, but also the pushiest pig - and that is saying a lot! 

Ken feeds them dry organic feed in one trough and sprouted grains in another. 

When given a choice, they prefer the sprouted grains by far - 

And Ken has made them a muddy spot.  

Pigs cool down by lying in mud.  

This makes people think pigs are dirty, but they are quite tidy animals apart from their cooling mud baths.

They seem content and love teasing Oscar and ignoring him as he is on the other side of the fence

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