Monday, July 7, 2014

Mowing and Weeding and Planting

It is funny how many people are surprised that Ken is still planting.  Several fall crops are started later in the season and there are continual plantings of greens so Ken is usually planting something at least once a week.  Here are the fall beets coming up

He also is mowing.  In addition to keeping the electric fence lines clear, he is now mowing green manures.  Here is where the wheat and vetch were planted.  

There are still a few patches of vetch.  It is a member of the legume family like peas and beans.  It has a dense growth habit and tends to cover the soil and choke out weeds.  

Ken is also weeding.  In addition to annual crops there are the perennial crops like asparagus.  

Ken weeds frequently so harvest is easier and the weeds do not take hold for the next season.  
The same goes for the strawberries

There is always something to do when one grows food.

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