Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hakurei or Salad Turnips

We grow  a couple types of turnips.  Early in the spring, early summer and fall we have Hakurei turnips.  They started in Asia and are a faster growing, smaller and sweeter turnips than the European purple top turnip most people know.

Hakurei turnips are great in salad, sliced and salted for a half hour, cooked briefly, or added to stir fry.  Separate the greens and use them soon - they have even more nutrition than the roots.  Although many people add them to salad, I like to add them to a skillet with butter or oil and an onion or green onion tops.  today I wilted chopped green onion tops in bacon fat and wilted the chopped turnip tops and finally added Ken's homemade vinegar - any mild vinegar will do.  enjoy these tasty members of the brassica or crucifer family.

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