Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pigs are Growing - Hogs Now

Pigs start out as cute little animals.  Sometime around Labor Day they become solid hogs.  They still romp and run, and are funny, smart creatures. 

But cute?  No, not really.

These pigs arrived early June, and have eaten culled vegetables and sprouted grains.

They all get on fine and seem to divide up, 

rejoin, chat 

and even appear to be like employees gossiping at the water cooler!

When pigs have tails, the tails indicate contentment or happiness when curled.  

The hogs were cozy in a small shelter, but outgrew it.  So Ken removed the smaller shelter called Hilton junior. 

Then he moved in a large shelter that I call the Hog Hilton

Soon these pigs will go to people's freezers.  They have had a great life and we have enjoyed their help with clearing and digging on the farm.

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