Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Changing Seasons - Fall Foliage tour at Keppers

Although there has yet to be a killing frost, the pine needles are dropping and the leaves are changing color!

I had not walked out to the mailbox recently, but yesterday I got to see along the driveway at a walking pace as I went down to the mailbox to change the vegetables listed for sale on our sign.

There was a beautiful walk down...

The view across the highway, 

across the larch or tamarack bog, 

and the walk back up to the house.

I walk out to the field every other day to pick raspberries.

The light is changing from overhead to more of a sideways slant through the leaves.

And here, too, the color is changing

It is a beautiful time of year.

And I am reminded to take time out and appreciate the beauty of the season.

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