Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sarah's Visit

She has one at home, too
We don't get many visitors.  I am not sure why - our rustic life style?  Our reputation for working long hours? We were happy to hear that a young farmer from Arizona could visit.  Once when we visited my parents we heard about their wonderful farmers at the market. We visited Sarah and Matt that year, and last year we got to help them pull the plastic on their new greenhouse.  We were happy to help and they were happy to have Ken there with his experience - an me with a camera.

This week Sarah could arrange a visit between two weddings and we were delighted.  She wanted to see the farm, help and visit. And help she did!  She helped harvest peppers and cucumbers with Ken, and picked grapes and tomatoes with me.

She helped Ken with chores and the night before she left, she and Ken put the first of this season's hoopettes in the garden.  It was great to talk about so many things - farm related and otherwise.  Thank you Sarah for coming and thank you Matt for "holding down the fort."

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