Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CSA Newsletter

Winter location peppers still going outside tunnel
Greetings from the Garden!  This box has salad mix, Chinese cabbage, winter tomatoes, peppers, onions or leeks, carrots or beets, potatoes, squash, raspberries and apples

Cukes on right as hoopettes go up

Field Notes. Ken has been watching the weather - will we have a killing frost?  It is tough to pull plants that are still producing like the zuchetta and eggplant and melons.  He is also deciding when we will dig the late season potatoes and sweet potatoes.  He has been digging carrots and beets for me to get into the root cellar.

The green manures are up!  This is great news - those green manures will add organic matter to the soil, moderate soil temperature, and prevent erosion.  Ken will continue to plant more as crops are harvested.

Greens are coming up in the hoopettes and mobile high tunnel.  Hurrah!

From the Kitchen.  Soups and stews.  Baking squash.  Apple crisp and apple pie.  Fall is in the air.

Last week I made us a bag of salad mix - this was a real treat as usually we get what there is surplus or slightly blemished.  The mix has lively greens like endive, radicchio, and endive.  I rolled and cut the big radicchio leaves to add bits of reddish color and zip in small amounts; then I made a salad dressing of yogurt, bleu cheese, vinegar, honey, slat and pepper.  It wsa great.  If you don't eat dairy, try a garlicky tahini dressing with ginger.

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