Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wood Now for Use Next Season

Splitter foreground, buzz saw behind splitter
It is a magic time of year.  Most nights it freezes and many days it thaws.  It is a good time to spend mornings - when it is still frozen and the ground harder - to cut and stack wood for next season.  Last year we thought we had enough wood ready for two seasons, but this was a winter of many cool nights and cloudy days, so we had less solar gain.  We burned more wood.  And I cooked more and more meals on the cook stove.

Wood from fall on right and today's wood on left
Last fall our friend Sean came to visit.  He works inside and requested he help us with outside work.  He and Ken put up cook stove wood to fill our overflow space. 

Now we are working to fill the two main bays (as Ken calls them) with 16" wood for the cook stove.

More than one rick done today

Today Sam and Miranda Helped us split some wood cut last fall.  Thank you!

Next we will buzz up some smaller diameter wood.

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