Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thoughts on Growing Older

A surprise gift - my Mrs Tishel look
Today is my birthday.  And I am grateful.  I have passed the age where I bury those older than I am - grandparents, aunts, friends' parents.  I have begun to see my friends and contemporaries go.  I have also been to the funerals of children and young people.  The theory of death has moved from arm's length and old people to the passing of anyone anytime. 

Wow! one of the few photos of BOTH of us
Rather than seeing this as depressing, it has made life more real, visceral, and valuable.  When I do not know how much time I have left in this life, I realize how precious it is, how fortunate I am.  I hope it makes me appreciate all those people in my life - in the past or now or in some future time.  
What DOES one say when they grow like this?

Celebration is in order- we are here, together; let us laugh and enjoy each other.

I return to something a friend told me years ago - "You Americans expect presents for being here.  We Chinese thank our parents for being here." 

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