Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weaving Progress

Many people are complaining about the weather.  For Ken transplanting in greenhouses is about a month later than last year.  We have not dug the parsnips yet.  But we are content.  I have been processing rags for weaving.  

After removing buttons and zippers and seams, I cut the pieces into strips.

Then I sew the strips end to end and roll those into balls.

So far I have woven three rugs - here is a view of the cloth beam with the rugs that are woven.  Once I take these off the loom I will finish the ends of the rugs 

Here is the spacing for the fringe on the first end of the next rug.  

I am planning to continue to use blue denim - I have a lot - and try some over dyed denim I dyed after I took a class in January.

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