Thursday, March 27, 2014

Micro Greens

In winter we grow sprouts, shoots. mini and micro greens.During those months.  These small greens are  a nutritional power house.  we have read that sprouting and growing to micro multiplies the nutritional value any where from four to forty times the value of eating  full sized greens. 

The reason we grow sprouts, shoots and micro greens inside during winter is simple.  Daylight is too short, temperatures are too cold in our fields and greenhouses to grow greens.

 The disadvantages to growing micro greens are numerous: seed cost is high - imagine what four lettuce seeds create in sprouts, micro greens and then full size heads.  Labor is also high - trimming a flat of micro greens, rinsing, sorting and bagging requires much more time than rinsing one head of lettuce that will more than fill the same bag.

So, why do we do this?  We are committed to growing food year around to our CSA and on line customers.  We want to eat fresh, nutritional greens in winter.  Our goal is to provide maximum nutrition and flavor year around - we want to offer a local, small foot print food alternative.

Once we can move outside and maximize seed and space use we do - Ken will be planting and transplanting in greenhouses once soil temperatures reach 45 degrees.

In the meantime, we will grow these smaller greens - Ways to  use these greens: try raw in salads or as garnish for any of your favorite foods.  Eat promptly for optimum nutrition.  And Enjoy!

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