Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Greenhouse in April

April photo - honest!
The greenhouses are slow to warm this season.  

Why are the doors on the side?

Here is view of one of the two doors from the inside during the first week in April

There is noticeable snow melt, however.

Will they come back?  Wait and see


The single digit low temperatures during March meant the green houses cooled down, and even with fiber protection we had some damage and loss - a first.  Ken is waiting to see if these red cabbage come back from the roots

Filling in where he lost a plant

But Ken has been transplanting, and watering and covering things inside the greenhouses.  

 Ken inside, Oscar out side

And as Ken works transplanting, Oscar stays busy - he patrols for rabbits, squirrels, and other varmints.

Ken moving fiber to get at plants so he can water

Now this week things are really starting to grow.  

Direct seeded plants coming up!

It is an exciting time of year.


Ken offering to tie up the containers so I can take more than two
 I traveled down to check the progress and take some snapshots.  Once I saw how dry it is inside the mobile tunnel, I offered to take back some empty water containers and seedling trays that Ken had hauled down under a towel using a sled.

Sled with transplant trays and water containers

I returned with four of the five gallon containers  filled - whew.  I am out of shape and it was a workout!  I will really appreciate the irrigation pond once it thaws.

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