Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sauerkraut and Huevos Rancheros - Local food

Spring is later than usual this year, so we have yet to dig the over wintered roots.  What are the locavores eating these days?  Sauerkraut and eggs!  

After starting to make tortillas, huevos rancheros was only a matter of time.  Spring is prime egg season, and the hens are all laying eggs.  I make lots of dishes with eggs this time of year: deviled eggs, pickled eggs, custard, sponge cake, and Ken made a souffle for my birthday.  Huevos rancheros is a combination of ingredients with a focus on tortillas and eggs.  Here is what I did:

Heat the tortillas

Spread with homemade cream cheese


Add a meat/bean layer - I used our beans cooked with pork in a spicy sauce with onions and garlic

Top with basted eggs, chopped parsley, Ken's  hot sauce, and crumbly homemade cheese



Sauerkraut is a traditional food; people salted food to preserve the food and its nutrition.  Sauerkraut from the crock that has not been heat processed contains all the original vitamin C with a bonus of new lacto- fermented probiotics.   People who do not eat dairy often use lacto-fermented also known as cultured vegetable to promote healthy digestion.

Once in a while I even cook sauerkraut for a change of pace.  I saute onions, add the sauerkraut and simmer a few minutes.  I also stuff poultry with sauerkraut; it tenderizes the bird, and adds great flavor.

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