Saturday, April 13, 2013

Making pottery on a Snowy April Day

It was too cold and snowy to continue trimming apple trees.  The sap was not running.  What is a guy to do?  MAKE POTTERY!  Ken has been running glaze tests and tests on the local clay that he discovered when the irrigation pond was dug last year.  Today he began throwing pots with his new local clay.

His wife appeared with the camera, and he graciously continued to throw so she could get some photos.  

After all these years Ken makes it look easy.  It isn't.  Ken uses a foot powered treadle wheel.

"This wild clay throws like a dream."
And soon the table was filled with cups, honey pots and their lids.

The next day he cut and drilled holes in the next batch of test samples.  

The hole is so he can attach a label to the  glaze bucket for future reference.

And for a break, Ken moved up some seedlings to larger space

And Oscar waited for him to come outside for afternoon tasks.  All in all, a pretty good day at Keppers.

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