Thursday, April 11, 2013

Greens identification - Arugula and Mustard

Last year I received a request to label some of the greens we grow so people know what they are and how best to serve them. 

Today Ken has begun harvesting from the greenhouses while I am cutting the greens in the window boxes. Pungent greens thrive in early spring.  Here is arugula.  Arugula comes from Italy.  It is a peppery green that reminds me of wild mustard.  A few nights ago I served arugula with cooked beets and toasted nuts and a dressing with kefir and blue cheese.  I like arugula with goat or sheep cheese, creamy dressings in combinations with a sweet side dish like beets, squash, or carrots.  The flowers are delicious in salad!

Mustard comes in many shapes and colors from all over the world.  It is a member of the brassica family with cabbage and broccoli.  Cool weather mustard has a milder flavor. 
I like to roll the bigger leaves and cut into ribbons for salad.

Mustard is also great in braising mixes; braising is a quick and light cooking technique that just wilts greens.  I often saute an onion and add braising greens after I have turned off the heat, just before serving.

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