Thursday, April 11, 2013

Soup For Breakfast

People have requested I share our morning soup for breakfast recipe.  It varies widely with what I have, but here is today's version.

Simmer soup stock - this was some I had from simmering the bones from a whole chicken we had eaten Monday night.  I also added some left over sauce from cooking meat yesterday - it had some pickled peppers, cooked onion, thyme and other herbs.

Chop some Greens onions, and get some eggs ready to poach.  This is some wild rocket on top and some red mustard below.  I also had the last of some onion seedlings Ken had trimmed a couple days ago.

Add the eggs to the stock

Put the greens in your bowls

Add the poached eggs to the bowls gently to avoid breaking the yolks.

Add the hot stock 

There you have it.  We usually have toast or cornbread or a cooked grain with this

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