Thursday, January 31, 2013

Local Food Challenge - in January

A friend requested I feature some more positive food entries on blog and facebook.  True, I post and share frequently about gmo's, chemicals, additives, and other sobering facts.

So, in answer, here is our locally sourced lunch - most came from withing 1/4 mile of my kitchen.  we eat this way in January, and there is no reason food needs to come from far away.

Our menu: goose breast medallions sauteed in chicken fat with red onions in reduction of potato cooking water homemade dandelion wine and tamari, mashed potatoes, squash with nutmeg and chopped toasted nuts (usually our hazel nuts, but pecans from my parents in this photo), green beans,

with Ken's cultured vegetables from our field and garden, and baby greens and sprouts from the windows of our house.

Purchased items: tamari, salt, pepper, and nutmeg

Note: pottery was also locally made - from within 1/4mile!

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