Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Now that the tax prep is in the accountant's hands, the seeds have been ordered, and the CSA mailing is out, there is a small window for me to weave.  There are other items on my agenda - update website, get online pottery sales going, etc. but I have been sewing denim strips together.

I enjoy each part of weaving from reused materials - cutting up the garments, cutting strips, sewing strips, warping the loom and running the shuttle.  This winter I have many strips to sew to form balls.  Part of me thinks I am a "cut bait" type of person.  When people say, "Fish or cut bait!"  I realize I am easily lost in the preparation.  

But today I unearthed the loom.  My life often feels like an archaeology dig as I go to do something and see it buried with layers of valuable and interesting items!

So, now  I wrap up strip sewing and start the moving of the shuttle.  And the scraps from sewing the strips will be filler for future dog beds. So much can be used and so little needs to go to waste.

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