Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ruins North of Flagstaff

Ruins!  We love ruins, their history and the many artifacts at many sites.  after all Ken is a potter, and pottery often remains at these sites.

Sunset Crater
North of Flagstaff are the Wupatki ruins, a series of ruins located on a scenic driving loop that also includes the sunset crater, a mountain of lava.  Similar geological occurrences also are seen in Hawaii, but there the rainfall assists lichens change the lava cinders  to fertile soil.  Arizona's arid climate breaks down the cinders very slowly.

That same arid climate preserves ruins of cultures past.  Many people built stone structures of varying sizes for various purposes - trading centers, homes, agricultural areas.    

We were impressed not only with the stone structures, but also the fact that these peoples farmed with incredibly low levels of water.  

Ken's shadow on my image - yes, we vacationed together!

It shall be difficult for me to whine in future when I have read that people traveled ten miles for water.

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