Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ken's Yoga Retreat

As self employed people who work where we also live, we feel the need to leave our workplace and unfinished projects at least once a year.  Last season's weather was particularly intense, and some months in late summer we did not leave work home and work behind for even a day.

Most years we can find a responsible hearty soul to take on the job of farm sitting here - wood heat, window temperature controlled root cellar, animal chores, and more "rustic life style" choices.  And once we find someone, we often head to visit my parents in Prescott, AZ - a delightful, moderate city neither in Phoenix's arid desert nor Flagstaff's snowy highlands.  Thanks to my eighty plus year old  parents for their tolerant welcoming attitude as we invade their calm, organized life with our chaos and crusading attitudes about organic agriculture.  And thanks to our farm sitter.  They all make our intense 50 weeks possible.

And although Ken loves my parents., sometimes it is rather like being at the class reunion of someone else - "who ARE these people from your childhood?  Your great aunt who, etc. So while I visit and ask those questions I want to ask before my parents are gone, he heads off to a rejuvenating yoga class - or classes.  It is quite exciting for him to experience several teachers and styles at one studio.

On New Year's Eve I joined him for a yoga class ( and I confirmed I am still a tai chi, rather than a yoga person) and chanting in the new year.  As A former zen meditation chanter it was fascinating to enter an Indian chanting of repetition of 108 times - what a way to ring in the new year: chanting while we heard fire works!

 Thank you. Brandon and Yoga Shala!

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