Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pulling the Plastic at Rabbit Run in Skull Valley, AZ

What do two older farmers do on their vacation?  They gladly help younger farmers pull the plastic on their new EQUIP grant greenhouse!  Ken and I went to visit my parents in Prescott, AZ recently.  Last year when we visited, my parents told us we should meet "their farmers" Sarah and Matt, a "nice young couple" at the weekly farmers market - "They sell great vegetables."  So we called Matt and Sarah, they gave us a farm tour and we had a wonderful visit.This year we let them know we were coming, and we got a call they were pulling the plastic - could we help?
We convinced a friend to drive and we all went and helped.

Since Ken had pulled plastic on several greenhouses, he was able to share his experience.  I took photos as that was the one thing neither of us had done when we pulled our plastic.  And the crew they had assembled was friendly, willing, and a great help.  Pulling plastic is like a barn raising - it goes much more smoothly when many people help.  And like a barn raising, pulling plastic brings people together with a common goal.  People come because they want to help.  The energy is really quite remarkable

We enjoyed meeting and working with everyone.  Once we finished, Sarah had hot soup to ward off the chill as the sun's power waned.  It was a beautiful and satisfying event.  Thanks to my parents for introducing us, Loring for transporting us, and thanks to Matt and Sarah for including us

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