Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Scandinavian Rug Class and the Result

The loom at class - newer and more complicated 
than mine at home
In March, I heard about a Scandinavian Rug Class in the Twin Cities.  BUT it was in June, one of the busiest times of the year here.  Ken nudged me and I did not need a second nudge!

My rug on the loom

I went in for a pre-class information meeting where we learned the basics of the process and what would work well for this style of rug.  The teacher and the rest of the class members use new printed cotton like quilters use.  I returned home and dug through my many rags.  I found some interesting prints I thought would work together

My neighbor's rug - she gave me some 
of the bright yellow fabric
The instructor was really supportive and helpful.  I learned so many ways to make warping easier, make my selvedges more even, a cleaner, easier way to finish the ends of the rug and more. 

Finished except the ends

The class members were delightful people, and it was a real learning experience to see what fabrics and colors they chose.  Each of the rugs was so different and so beautiful!


And I am happy with my rug.  Photos of the whole class and rugs can be seen on the Weavers Guild of Minnesota's facebook page:

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