Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Pigs Have Arrived

First day here
The pigs are here!  Each spring we get small pigs for the season.  Pigs love to dig - they are each like a four legged rototiller.  They are a valuable asset to our farm.  

Less than 24 hours later!

Because they live to dig, each year we decide on a pig project.  Over the years they have cleared fence lines, dug the sod all around the garden for easy garden expansion, and renovated portions of the garden and field.  

Smart and great personality

We sequentially graze the pigs.  Ken gives them new space about weekly.  They also get some of the parts of plants from the garden that people do not eat - lower leaves of the cabbage plant, broccoli plants for example. 

People who get pork from our farm rave about the quality.  We are excited to have pigs as part of the team during the growing season!

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