Monday, June 17, 2013

June at Keppers

Interesting.   It seems like each of the last few spring seasons I have typed "it has been an unusual season..." This year it was a cool and late spring - I don't remember single digits at night in March, I never cleaned and priced pottery in snow in May, etc.  Last year we had 80 degrees in March.

May, honest!

This year's cool, wet spring has led to some challenges for Ken. 

Planting onions a few weeks ago

Most years he can start planting crops out doors in mid to late April.  This year's late start has meant a real push to accomplish what he may do over six weeks most years to a much shorter time this year.  

Ready to plant and fenced to keep geese out
Ken has finished many of the spring plantings, and it is dry enough he can now get the soil ready for others.  He has planted heat loving crops in the mobile high tunnel.  Soon he will be planting other crops in the medium tunnel.  

And on the other side of the mobile high tunnel, the rye is heading out.

There are signs of catching up - pepper plants are blooming!

And there are even some marble sized tomatoes

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