Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rug Class - a progress report

Last weekend I was in the Twin Cities.  Ken had nudged me to take a class on Scandinavian Rug Weaving.  I have been weaving traditional American rag rugs for a short time every winter, and really enjoy transforming rags into useful rugs.  I was intrigued by this class as the rugs looked more durable than what I had been making all these years.

I have two weekends to learn this technique.  So far I have gotten the loom at the class warped up and will be weaving next weekend.  I have learned so many things that will make my warping process (the slowest and somewhat tedious part of weaving) go more quickly and more smoothly.  This has been so exciting.  I was ready to learn these new techniques and with deep gratitude I say, "Thank you, Ken!" 

I will try to remember my camera next weekend!

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