Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ken is Catching Up

Ken has been working diligently.  First, with the late spring,  he has been planting so much in so short a time.  Now he is weeding the perennials like garlic, raspberries, etc.  

This has been a challenge to accomplish between rainfall.  I love to walk out to the field and see him in action.  Years of experience means he can go down a row more quickly than I can walk!

The field is looking great.  The garlic was cultivated today, the raspberries,

 and several annual crops were weeded and thinned - like the parsnips...
..and the beets crop  On a sunny day the weeds dry up and die rather than rolling over and regrowing.

With the spring rains several crops look good at this point - like the grapes.

The pea plants are blooming.  Peas like cool, damp weather , and so far the plants are doing really well.

Each season has its challenges and its rewards.  It is exciting to watch it all unfold.

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