Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pigs Update

The pigs had dug up most of the space Ken had given them around last fall's and this spring's leaf pile.  

They love digging through the leaves for acorns.  The plan was to move them north of the house into the woods east of the chicken coop.  The pigs seem to do best when they are in a space in the woods.

As we started moving them, Ken suggested we take a break by the garden.  The pigs started eating all the plantain and lambs quarters.  

Ken looked at the size of the space.  It was big enough for a while, so we moved panels there and now they are happily eating the greens and digging.

They also have an interesting form of play with Oscar the Dog.  Oscar on the outside of the fence runs to one side and they charge up to him.  

Then they ignore him so he runs to another side and the game begins again.

They seem quite content here and the fencing Ken set up north of the house will wait until they finish with this space.

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