Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chicks are growing

Mobile high tunnel with rye and poultry netting
Last year we could not keep up with the demand for our eggs.  We encourage broody hens to sit and hatch eggs.  We find chicks with moms have an advantage.  But we don't have a large enough on farm reproduction rate.  So as early as possible this spring, we ordered chicks from a hatchery to add to our flock. 

The tweens

They started in a large box in the house, then they were in one our coops.  Now with the acquisition of poultry netting, we could move them out to the rye by the mobile high tunnel.  They have a shelter and there are guard turkeys and geese.  

Ken's Quonset Coop
They seem to be doing great, and we look forward to an increase in eggs we can offer for sale.

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