Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Taking Down the Oak

This weekend Ken took down an oak tree. We live in woods;  Ken moves through the property section by section, and takes out dying or competing trees so the woods is healthy.  While doing that he also leaves some standing dead trees for wildlife. 

After decades here, Ken sees that several trees are shading growing areas.  Ken is forced to decide between oaks and their shade or a sunny productive growing space - the garden, the orchard, by the mobile high tunnel, in the field.  This oak shaded flowers.  And neither of us are overly fond of the hosta alternative.

This oak and Ken have a long history.  When Ken bought the land, this tree was tall and skinny.  Once Ken cut other trees this oak filled out and spread over the driveway and shaded the flower bed.  Ken has chosen to get the flowers some sun

I was working in the yard and felt the tree hit the ground.  Ken was glad it fell just as he had hoped it would.  

He limbed, and cut and stacked bigger pieces of wood. 

I picked up smaller wood for the wood stove and cook stove.  I have moved most of the brush and will continue to do so.

We will use this tree for several things - the trunk will be lumber, some logs will grow shiitake mushrooms, the bigger pieces will heat the house and the smaller pieces will cook our food.  The brush will provide habitat for animals.

Thank you, oak

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