Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Harvest Newsletter

Greetings from the Garden!  This CSA box has salad and braising greens, potatoes, carrots, onions, sun chokes, burdock root, celery root, and parsnips

Field Notes Ken added a new project this week.  He took down an oak that was shading a flower bed.  Many people cannot imagine that we need to cut down trees to keep enough sunlight for things to grow.  This is part of living in the woods.  Ken will use the trunk for lumber, some branches will be for growing mushrooms, and we will cook food and warm the house and studio with smaller pieces.  we are grateful for our wood resource and work to use as much as possible as wisely as possible.

Ken planted the first of the potatoes this week.  These are in the garden.  Later season potatoes will be in the field. Planting continues in the greenhouses and in the garden under hoopettes.  Ken has also been working up the field for planting green manures and crops.  

This Saturday Ken starts a monthly garden class.  He will feature what he is doing each month - some soil prep and planting, maintenance, harvest and more.

From the the Kitchen.  I didn't light the wood cook stove this morning.  Spring must be here.  And I am still lighting the oven!  We had a baked chicken stuffed with sauerkraut and roasted vegetables.  

Ken has been trimming onions and I have been using the trimmings as one would use chives.  And soon there will be green onions and chives.  These pair so well with eggs - and this is egg season!  I make custard, sponge cake, omelettes.

Spring roots continue.  I had a request for another burdock root recipes.  Ken cuts the roots length wise and puts them on a cookie sheet in the oven to dry them and lightly toast them until they snap .  He also does this with dandelion and chicory root  and sometimes dock and elecampane roots to make a blend he runs through the coffee grinder or blender  for a toasted rood tea for cleaning the liver, kidneys and blood.  It is a nice evening roasted tea that has no caffeine.

'Til next Week, Judith

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