Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Greens Continue

As spring unfolds, there are more and more greens and fresh food to harvest.  This week we add lambs quarters, a European import that grows in rich soil and is a nutritional power house.  It is a mild green and I usually pull the leaves and add to salad or chop the whole plant and braise - lightly cook.

The sorrel we harvest is a semi - perennial from France.  It is a lemony flavored green high in vitamin C.  I like it in salad, added to braising mixes, and warmed in butter in place of any recipe that calls for lemon butter - like fish.

Claytonia or miners lettuce likes cool spring weather.  That is its season.  It is a mild flavored succulent that delights many people for its juicy texture.  Some families call it "that water lily green."
It is a great addition to any green combination - raw or braised

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