Monday, April 27, 2015

Harvest Newsletter

Greetings from the Garden!  This week's CSA box has salad and braising greens, spinach, arugula, potatoes, parsnips, carrots and the first radishes

Field Notes.  Sunday we moved the mobile high tunnel off the spring greens as they no longer need the heat and protection from cold temperatures, and Ken wants to heat the soil in the summer location for the tomatoes, peppers, etc.  It takes time but soon the heat loving crops will be in the soil.

Ken is also working soil for beds for full season crops like onions.  Onions grow based on length of day and once the days shorten they slow down - no matter what size they are - so early transplanting is crucial.  He is also working on perennial crops like raspberries and asparagus.

And he is planting and transplanting.  It is a busy time

I have been washing and pricing pottery for our spring opener this coming weekend Saturday and Sunday May 2nd and 3rd 10 - 5.  In addition to pottery we will have produce.  And honey and maple syrup.  You can come out and self tour the gardens and fields.

From the Kitchen.  Today marks an auspicious day - our first solid vegetables that were planted in 2015!  As much as I love the spring dug roots like parsnips, I find the first radishes magic.  I like radishes in salads.  And radishes make a great salad on their own.  Slice, salt let sit about a half hour.  Drain any liquid, rinse if you are concerned about salt  then combine radishes, chives and a dressing of sour cream or yogurt, a bit of honey, pepper and lemon juice or vinegar - voila!

Each year I give my basic salad dressing recipe - a tart like lemon juice or vinegar, a fat like olive oil or yogurt or sour cream, a bit of something sweet like honey, maple syrup or sugar, a pinch or salt and pepper.  For mild greens I use light oils and maybe a fruit vinegar like raspberry vinegar.  For robust greens like the mustard in the braising mix I like to make a more robust dressing by adding  chives or garlic, and apple cider vinegar  in place of lemon juice or a light vinegar.  Of course there are infinite combinations - I love feta cheese with spinach, and blue cheese and cottage cheese in dressings.  I really like to pair my dressing with the greens - lighter dressing with milder greens and more robust dressing for more robust greens.  Experiment to see what you like and continue to experiment as the greens change with the season.  Enjoy!

'Til next Week, Judith

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