Monday, October 27, 2014

Roof Wrap Up

During this beautiful fall weather Ken has been working on the necessary repairs to out building roofs.  Over the years one after another needed new shingles or began to leak.  A friend has come up twice to help.  first they did the biggest job - the shed we call the box shed.

Then Ken did a rolled roof on the pottery showroom by himself.

Then he prepped this large chicken coop roof and got the old, broken windows out.  And this past weekend he and our friend got this one mostly done.  There is still some small finish work to do that Ken figured he should do alone.

Then Saturday they moved on to the final roof - Ken's original chicken coop. 

Right now this building has some chicks - teens really - that will move soon: pullets will go in with current hens and cockerels to the large coop. This small coop will be the brooder coop.
They moved the shingles up to roof level on the front end loader, set up some scaffolding and got the bulk of the job done.  Today Ken tackles the finish work

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