Monday, October 27, 2014

Bringing in the Fall Produce

Ken harvests vegetables and brings them in to the yard.  then we set them in storage.  Squash and onions have two step - we cure them in the cheese racks and then once there is a threat of truly cold weather we move them inside to a cool dry storage area.

Sunday I started sorting squash and moving it inside.  I had already sorted onions and placed them in crates (on right) so the squash could go on the racks.

This year both the onions and squash are smaller harvest.  There are fewer onions as one variety did not germinate well, and they are smaller due to weather.  The squash set fewer fruit and these are some of the smallest squash we have ever grown - We believe the cool nights in July and wet August are responsible.  The one on the left is typical of most years - and the one on the right is more this year's average size; many are smaller!

Now they are all inside and in crates - most years I have more produce than crates - another indicator of fewer and smaller.....

And the racks are open.  We will store all the various racks we use during the summer season for harvesting produce.

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