Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Vegetables

Once we have frost there are many additions to the list of vegetables we offer: daikon radish, celeriac or celery root, and parsnips.  Daikon is a large, mild white radish eaten raw or cooked throughout Asia. Grate and add to salad, add to stir fry or soups

Celeriac is a European bulb that is a cousin to the celery we know - its bulb like root is the flavor of celery with the texture of a carrot.  I like to add a chunk minced into soups and stews.  People often add them grated raw in salads or slaw.

Parsnips, a cousin to carrots are sweet white roots that are delicious sliced, steamed and then sauteed just to caramelized in butter.  

They are great in roasted root medleys.  And I like them in a curried cream soup.

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