Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Tasks - Trimming in the Orchard

Apple trees need to be trimmed.  The best time to trim is late winter and early spring.  Ken started this year when the snow was deep.  He wore snow shoes and was all excited that deep snow meant he could reach up higher into the tree from the ground!

The last week during two sunny warm days listed as fruit days on the biodynamic calendar he got out the ladder.  He headed out with his orange bucket of tools

He is up high on the ladder and well into the trees with loppers and hand pruners.

Each cut is a decision on how the tree should do best.  There is not so much a wrong way as there is good and better pruning decisions.

This is hard work up and down and in and out, but I know that Ken does enjoy being outside on a nice warm spring day.  And we both like having apples for the CSA and ourselves.

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