Monday, April 28, 2014

Greens primer - what is it?

Chervil - this cool weather herb is part of French herb mixes called "herbes fines."  It is best fresh and its delicate slightly anise flavor is tasty in salad or great with eggs and fish.

Tokyo bekana is a mild member of the Asian greens family.  It is a beautiful color and mildly cabbage flavor make it good in salad or braising mixes

Tatsoi is a dark green leafed plant with really mild flavor.  Most people recognize this and mizuna from mini green mixes - we like them both 3/4 to full size.

Mizuna is a mild mustard green - it is great in salad or braised, and Ken has used it in a Japanese pickle recipe.

Red mustard forms large leaves and I often roll the leaf and slice into ribbons for a zippy salad addition.  I also braise it - but cooking lessens the zip - good for the meek palate.
Arugula hails from Europe.  It is a peppery herb often paired with beets and topped with nuts and or blue cheese.

And of course there is the familiar spinach

and lettuces of many colors and types

What a treat to have big luscious greens!

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